Guess Who (2005) Soundtrack 

Original Music John Debney
Credited Songs 18 Songs
Contributor nickthornton92 level 2
Views 1422 (Oct), 27002 (Total)
User Questions 1

Complete List of Songs

Turtle Shoes Song Available on Rdio Bobby McFerrin
0:03 When Percy is talking about Simon
Floetic Song Available on Rdio Floetry
0:05 When Simon gets back to his apartment
Papa Don't Take No Mess Song Available on Rdio James Brown
0:11 Simon and Theresa are in the taxi heading to Percy's house
Brother Louie Song Available on Rdio The Stories
0:23 First song Percy and Simon hear on the radio
Walk On the Wild Side Song Available on Rdio Lou Reed
0:23 Second song Percy and Simon hear on the radio
Ebony and Ivory Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder
0:29 As Simon and Percy leave in the rain
Black Betty Spiderbait
0:43 Percy and Simon go karting
Whip It Song Available on Rdio Devo
0:45 Percy and Simon get talked to by the policeman after crashing their karts
Queremos Paz Song Available on Rdio Gotan Project
0:55 Percy and Marilyn practice the tango
Somersault Song Available on Rdio Zero 7
0:58 Simon and Theresa escape the house at night
Watch Your Mouth (Baby Blue) Lina
1:07 Theresa and Marilyn drive off
Cleo's Joint Song Available on Rdio Damn
1:11 The girls have their party
Signs Song Available on Rdio Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake
1:17 Simon and Percy go to Darlenes to make up with their partners (and third song during credits(1:40))
Bump, Bump, Bump B2K & P. Diddy
1:22 Simon tries to make it up with Theresa
Butterflies Song Available on Rdio Sia
1:24 Theresa breaks up the engagement
You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine Lou Rawls
1:33 Percy sings this to Marilyn
Whatever Lola Wants Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project
1:37 First song during the credits as they look through the videos
Express Yourself Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
Second song during the credits

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