• Mr. Deeds Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 28th 2002
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

You Don't Know How It Feels
0:04 Chuck and Cecil fly by helicopter into Deed's hometown, Mandrake Falls
Someday, Someway
0:05 Chuck and Cecil walk into Deed's Pizza to see Longfellow Deeds (Adam Sandler)
My Best Friend's Girl
0:07 Chuck and Cecil meet Deeds for the first time
Space Oddity
0:16 Deeds sings this on the plane
Island In the Sun
0:19 Deeds wakes up in New York for the first time
Sweetest Thing
0:45 Deeds goes cycling with Babe Bennett at night
Where Are You Going
1:08 Deeds goes back to his pizzeria and takes down his cards
1:15 Babe Bennett is in the bar watching the news about Blake Media
Let My Love Open the Door
1:26 Deeds buys everyone a Corvette, Crazy Eyes crashes his into a tree, the song continues into the credits
Goin' Down To New York Town
1:28 Second song during the credits
Happy In the Meantime
1:30 Third song during the credits
Friends & Family
1:32 Fourth song during the credits
In the Summertime
Wrong Impression
Your Move (Single Version)
Love Is Alive

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