• Rush Hour Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 18th 1998
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Another Part of Me
0:08 Song Tucker dances to after taking down Clive (guy with the C4)
0:10 Soo Yung sings to this whilst in the car, before she gets kidnapped
0:27 Lee turns this on in Carter's car prompting Carter to say "oh hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!?"
Can I Get A...
0:27 Carter changes the beach boys to this song
Night Train
0:31 Lee gets into a fight in the bar after calling the barman a n*****
0:49 Carter and Lee wait by Carters car. Lee starts singing it and then Carter teaches Lee to dance
1:06 Johnson (Elizabeth Peña) is dancing to this before she answers a call from Tucker
1:28 First song heard during the credits
1:29 Second song heard during the credits
How Deep Is Your Love
1:31 Third song heard during the credits

Official Soundtrack

Rush Hour Official Soundtrack
1 Rush Hour (Main Title) Lalo Schifrin
2 Fight At the Harbor Lalo Schifrin
3 Soo Yung's Theme Lalo Schifrin
4 Soo Yung's Abduction Lalo Schifrin
5 Lee Arrives In L.A. Lalo Schifrin
6 Jumping the Bus Lalo Schifrin
7 Won Ton for Two Lalo Schifrin
8 Explosive Situation Lalo Schifrin
9 Lee At the Mansion Lalo Schifrin
10 Restaurant Poison Lalo Schifrin
11 Battle At Juntao's Lalo Schifrin
12 Greasy Egg Rolls Lalo Schifrin
13 Chasing Sang Lalo Schifrin
14 $50 Million Ransom Lalo Schifrin
15 On Juntao's Heels Lalo Schifrin
16 Asian Art Convention Lalo Schifrin
17 Lee's Sadness Lalo Schifrin
18 High Tension Lalo Schifrin
19 Sweet and Sour Lalo Schifrin
20 Chinese Street Music Lalo Schifrin
21 Carter Chases Clive Lalo Schifrin
22 The British Menace Lalo Schifrin
23 Rush Hour (End Titles) Lalo Schifrin

Trailer Music

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