• Rush Hour Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 18th 1998
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Another Part of Me
0:08 Song Tucker dances to after taking down Clive (guy with the C4)
0:10 Soo Yung sings to this whilst in the car, before she gets kidnapped
0:27 Lee turns this on in Carter's car prompting Carter to say "oh hell no! You didn't just touch my goddamn radio!?"
Can I Get A...
0:27 Carter changes the beach boys to this song
Night Train
0:31 Lee gets into a fight in the bar after calling the barman a n*****
0:49 Carter and Lee wait by Carters car. Lee starts singing it and then Carter teaches Lee to dance
1:06 Johnson (Elizabeth Peña) is dancing to this before she answers a call from Tucker
1:28 First song heard during the credits
1:29 Second song heard during the credits
How Deep Is Your Love
1:31 Third song heard during the credits

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