Rush Hour 3 (2007) Soundtrack 

Original Music John Debney
Official Soundtrack 21 Songs
Credited Songs 14 Songs
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Complete List of Songs

Do Me, Baby    Prince
0:01 Tucker sings this whilst controlling the traffic   
Everybody Wants Me    Alina
0:01 Heard whilst Carter talks to the girls amidst the crash   
California Girls    The Beach Boys
0:02 Lee's ringtone   
L'amour une Aventure    Salaam Remi
0:29 Song heard in the background of the french casino where Carter meets Genevieve   
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word    Elton John
0:42 Carter leaves Lee in the hotel room, Carter watched the Goonies and Lee orders food over the phone   
Can-can    Jacques Offenbach
0:45 Heard before Genevieve's show starts   
Bonnie and Clyde    Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot
0:48 Opening song of Genevieve's show   
The Closer I Get to You    Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
0:50 Tucker and Lee are forced to sing this in the show to stop Genevieve from being shot   
La Vie en Rose    Grace Jones
0:55 Played in the background when Tucker and Genevieve are making out   
Kung Fu Fighting    Carl Douglas
1:10 Tucker sings this after he has beaten all his enemies   
War    Edwin Starr
1:18 Tucker and Lee dance to this under the eiffel tower at the end of the movie   
Last Night    The Mar-Keys
1:19 Played during the end credits of the movie   
Less Than an Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3)    Nas
1:21 Last song during the credits   
Who Made the Tater Salad?    Salaam Remi


1 Main Title - Rush Hour Theme Lalo Schifrin and Salaam Remi
2 The World Court Lalo Schifrin
3 Chasing the Assassin Lalo Schifrin
4 Su Yung Returns / Dojo Arrival Lalo Schifrin
5 Giant Kung Fu Lalo Schifrin
6 Hospital Gunfight Lalo Schifrin
7 Hiding Su Yung / Two Americans In Paris Lalo Schifrin
8 Dragon Lady Lalo Schifrin
9 Bikers Lalo Schifrin
10 In the Sewers Lalo Schifrin
11 Reynard's Plea Lalo Schifrin
12 With Genvieve 1 Lalo Schifrin
13 Shi Shen Lalo Schifrin
14 Eiffel Tower Meeting Lalo Schifrin
15 Swordfight Lalo Schifrin
16 Farewell to Kenji Lalo Schifrin
17 The Return of the Triads Lalo Schifrin
18 Parachute Down Soundtrack Song Available on Rdio Lalo Schifrin
19 Rush Hour Theme Remix Lalo Schifrin
20 Everybody Wants Me Alina
21 Who Made the Tater Salad? Salaam Remi
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Rodolfo level 1 | 1 year ago
names of songs not listed in soundtrack of rush hour 3 movie

Rodolfo level 1 | 1 year ago
songs not listed in soundtrack of rush hour 3 movie