• Rush Hour 3 Soundtrack

  • Film Release Aug 10th 2007
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Do Me, Baby
0:01 Tucker sings this whilst controlling the traffic
Everybody Wants Me
0:01 Heard whilst Carter talks to the girls amidst the crash
California Girls
0:02 Lee's ringtone
L'amour une Aventure
0:29 Song heard in the background of the french casino where Carter meets Genevieve
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
0:42 Carter leaves Lee in the hotel room, Carter watched the Goonies and Lee orders food over the phone
0:45 Heard before Genevieve's show starts
0:48 Opening song of Genevieve's show
0:50 Tucker and Lee are forced to sing this in the show to stop Genevieve from being shot
La Vie en Rose
0:55 Played in the background when Tucker and Genevieve are making out
Kung Fu Fighting
1:10 Tucker sings this after he has beaten all his enemies
1:18 Tucker and Lee dance to this under the eiffel tower at the end of the movie
1:19 Played during the end credits of the movie
Less Than an Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3)
1:21 Last song during the credits
Who Made the Tater Salad?

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    names of songs not listed in soundtrack of rush hour 3 movie
  • Rodolfo 2 years ago
    songs not listed in soundtrack of rush hour 3 movie