The Muppets (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Christophe Beck
Official Soundtrack 31 Songs
Credited Songs 20 Songs
Contributor Bella_Cunningham level 2
Views 119 (Sep), 2516 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard Song Available on Rdio Paul Simon
First song.
Life's a Happy Song Song Available on Rdio Mickey Rooney, Feist, Amy Adams, Jason Segel & Walter
0:05 Gary and Walter sing this song when they start to brush their teeth after news they are going to L.A. They continue to dance and sing through the
Pictures In My Head Gonzo, Fozzie, Swedish Chef, Kermit & Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
0:19 Kermit sings this song to his picture frames after he finds out about the plan to demolish the Muppet studios.
Cars Song Available on Rdio Gary Numan
0:23 They drive to find the rest of the muppets.
Rainbow Connection The Moopets
0:24 Kermit finds Fozzie Bear and some of the other muppets performing on stage.
Back in Black AC/DC
0:32 Montage as they continue driving and pick up the rest of the muppets.
Bad to the Bone George Thorogood & The Destroyers
0:40 They replace Miss Piggy before trying to pitch their show.
We Built This City Song Available on Rdio Starship
0:44 The muppets clean up the studio to this song.
Me Party Miss Piggy & Amy Adams
0:52 Mary sings this as she sight see's on her own. Miss Piggy joins in as she gets dressed for rehearsals.
(I've Had) The Time of My Life Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
0:54 Playing in Miss Piggy's dressing room when Kermit comes in.
Let's Talk About Me Nathan Pacheco & Chris Cooper
0:55 Tex Richman sings this rap in his office when they ask for the studio back.
Man or Muppet Jason Segel & Walter
1:03 Gary sings this after Mary leaves him.
The Muppet Show Theme The Muppets & Joanna Newsom
1:09 Introduction song as the muppet show goes live.
Smells Like Teen Spirit The Muppets Barbershop Quartet
1:14 The barbershop quartet sing this song while cutting Jack Black's hair.
Forget You Song Available on Rdio Camilla and the Chickens
1:16 The chickens sing this song during the muppet show.
Rainbow Connection Song Available on Rdio The Muppets
1:21 Kermit starts singing this song with his banjo. Miss Piggy and the other muppets join in.
The Whistling Caruso Song Available on Rdio Andrew Bird
1:26 Walter whistles for the final act.
Life's a Happy Song Finale Song Available on Rdio The Muppets, Amy Adams, Andrew Walter, Jason Segel & Chris Cooper
1:34 Finale song.
Mah Na Mah Na Song Available on Rdio Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths
1:36 First song during end credits. Guest stars sing it.
Lullaby in Birdland Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths
1:41 Second song during end credits.


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