• The Muppets Soundtrack

  • Film Release Nov 23rd 2011
  • Composer John Debney
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Complete List of Songs

Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard
First song.
0:05 Gary and Walter sing this song when they start to brush their teeth after news they are going to L.A. They continue to dance and sing through the street.
0:19 Kermit sings this song to his picture frames after he finds out about the plan to demolish the Muppet studios.
0:23 They drive to find the rest of the muppets.
Rainbow Connection
0:24 Kermit finds Fozzie Bear and some of the other muppets performing on stage.
Back in Black
0:32 Montage as they continue driving and pick up the rest of the muppets.
0:40 They replace Miss Piggy before trying to pitch their show.
We Built This City
0:44 The muppets clean up the studio to this song.
0:52 Mary sings this as she sight see's on her own. Miss Piggy joins in as she gets dressed for rehearsals.
(I've Had) The Time of My Life
0:54 Playing in Miss Piggy's dressing room when Kermit comes in.
0:55 Tex Richman sings this rap in his office when they ask for the studio back.
1:03 Gary sings this after Mary leaves him.
1:09 Introduction song as the muppet show goes live.
1:14 The barbershop quartet sing this song while cutting Jack Black's hair.
1:16 The chickens sing this song during the muppet show.
Rainbow Connection
1:21 Kermit starts singing this song with his banjo. Miss Piggy and the other muppets join in.
The Whistling Caruso
1:26 Walter whistles for the final act.
1:34 Finale song.
1:36 First song during end credits. Guest stars sing it.
1:41 Second song during end credits.

Official Soundtrack

The Muppets Official Soundtrack
1 The Muppet Show Theme 0
The Muppets & Joanna Newsom
2 Muppet Studios, I Can't Believe It 0
3 Life's a Happy Song 0
Mickey Rooney, Feist, Amy Adams, Jason Segel & Walter
4 I Haven't Seen the Old Gang 0
Jason Segel & Kermit
5 Pictures In My Head 0
Gonzo, Fozzie, Swedish Chef, Kermit & Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem
6 We Drive 0
Walter & Kermit
7 Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard 0
Paul Simon
8 That Spells Reno 0
Amy Adams & 80's Robot
9 Rainbow Connection 0
The Moopets
10 Welcome Back 0
Fozzie, Walter, Kermit & Dr. Teeth
11 We Built This City 0
12 Party of One 0
Amy Adams & Sarah Silverman
13 Me Party 0
Miss Piggy & Amy Adams
14 We Humbly Ask 0
Kermit & Chris Cooper
15 Let's Talk About Me 0
Nathan Pacheco & Chris Cooper
16 The Answer Is No 0
Kermit & Chris Cooper
17 Are You a Man or a Muppet? 0
Amy Adams
18 Man or Muppet 0
Jason Segel & Walter
19 Down At the Ole Barbershop 0
20 Smells Like Teen Spirit 0
The Muppets Barbershop Quartet
21 Princesses of Poultry 0
22 Forget You 0
Camilla and the Chickens
23 It's Time for Our Song 0
Miss Piggy & Kermit
24 Rainbow Connection 0
The Muppets
25 Get Out There and Help Those Guys 0
Jason Segel
26 The Whistling Caruso 0
Andrew Bird
27 How Charming, A Finale 0
Uncle Deadly
28 Life's a Happy Song Finale 0
The Muppets, Amy Adams, Andrew Walter, Jason Segel & Chris Cooper
29 Mary, Marry Me 0
Amy Adams & Jason Segel
30 Mah Na Mah Na 0
Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths
31 Rainbow Connection 0

Trailer Music

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