• Johnny English Reborn Soundtrack

  • Film Release Oct 21st 2011
  • Composer Ilan Eshkeri
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Complete List of Songs

Theme from Johnny English
0:05 Played during opening credits
Don't Give Up On Us
0:44 Johnny and Tucker sing this in the helicopter to try and help stop Karlenko from dying
1:01 Playing in Kate's home before Johnny accidentally scares her
Word Up!
1:25 Johnny dances to this whilst under the influence of the drug used to control people's actions, whilst aiming at the Chinese Premier
I Believe In You
1:35 First song heard during the end credits
In The Hall Of The Mountain King
1:39 Johnny puts this song on and prepares a meal in line with the sound of the music (Extra credits scene)
End of Bachelorhood (Gao Bie Dan Shen Han)

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