Johnny English Reborn (2011) Soundtrack 

Original Music Ilan Eshkeri
Official Soundtrack 24 Songs
Credited Songs 7 Songs
Contributor nickthornton92 level 2
Views 1169 (May), 28361 (Total)
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Complete List of Songs

Theme from Johnny English    Ilan Eshkeri
0:05 Played during opening credits   
Don't Give Up On Us    David Soul
0:44 Johnny and Tucker sing this in the helicopter to try and help stop Karlenko from dying   
Slow    Rumer
1:01 Playing in Kate's home before Johnny accidentally scares her   
Word Up!    Cameo
1:25 Johnny dances to this whilst under the influence of the drug used to control people's actions, whilst aiming at the Chinese Premier   
I Believe In You    Rumer
1:35 First song heard during the end credits   
In The Hall Of The Mountain King    Edvard Grieg
1:39 Johnny puts this song on and prepares a meal in line with the sound of the music (Extra credits scene)   
End of Bachelorhood (Gao Bie Dan Shen Han)    Li Xiaowen


1 London Ilan Eshkeri
2 The Toy Cupboard Ilan Eshkeri
3 Hong Kong Ilan Eshkeri
4 Rooftop Chase Ilan Eshkeri
5 Commandeering the Vessel Ilan Eshkeri
6 Bravo Commander Ilan Eshkeri
7 Killer Cleaner Ilan Eshkeri
8 Hypnotification Ilan Eshkeri
9 Karlenko Arrives Ilan Eshkeri
10 Golf Ilan Eshkeri
11 Helicopter Ilan Eshkeri
12 Church Escape Ilan Eshkeri
13 Wheelchair Ilan Eshkeri
14 Ambrose Ilan Eshkeri
15 Timoxybarbobutenol Ilan Eshkeri
16 Tucker Shoots Johnny Ilan Eshkeri
17 Poisoning the Drink Ilan Eshkeri
18 The Manic Phase Ilan Eshkeri
19 Lipstick Gun Ilan Eshkeri
20 Johnny Reborn Ilan Eshkeri
21 Cliff Jump Ilan Eshkeri
22 Umbrella Ilan Eshkeri
23 Buckingham Palace Ilan Eshkeri
24 Killer Queener Ilan Eshkeri
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