• Courageous Soundtrack

  • Film Release Sep 30th 2011
  • Composer Mark Willard
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Complete List of Songs

0:24 Playing on the radio as Adam drives Shane and Emily to the bank.
When We're Together
0:25 While waiting for Shane outside the bank, Emily wants her dad to dance with her to this song.
Sound of Your Voice
1:10 Playing when David becomes a Christian and continues as they show a montage of other fathers with their children.
When We're Together
1:12 Reprise - Adam puts in a CD with this song on it and dances by himself, remembering his daughter.
Courage Under Fire
1:44 Playing during the final shootout.
Adam's Speech
1:55 Adam gives a speech at church about being a good husband and father, followed by the end credits.
2:01 Second song played during the ending credits.
2:04 Final song played during the credits.

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