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  • Film Release Mar 2nd 2012
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Complete List of Songs

We Want Some Pussy
First song. Costa sings it as he walks into Thomas's house.
When I'm Gone
0:02 Thomas's bedroom at the start of the movie before his parents leave.
0:05 Driving to school, playing in the car.
0:11 Costa walks around the school trying to get people to the party.
Trouble On My Mind
0:12 The 3 of them walk into the grocery store to get supplies for the party.
Bitch Betta Have My Money
0:14 They drive back from the grocery store and head to the drug dealers house.
0:16 Second song in the car as they drive to the drug dealers house.
You're Beautiful
0:17 Playing in the drug dealers house as he smokes up.
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, But I Feel Like a Millionaire
0:18 The speed away from the drug dealer after stealing the santa gnome.
0:20 They put up signs around the pool in preparation for the party.
Psychic City
0:22 First song as they sit around waiting for the party to start.
Beamer, Benz, or Bentley (feat. Juelz Santana)
0:23 The first people start arriving at the party.
0:24 Second song at the party. Flashlight camera goes around as they play flip cup etc. They put balloons on the dog.
0:26 Thomas takes the dog inside, he goes outside to the party and does a tequila shot.
0:28 The guys stand around at the front of the house until a party bus pulls up.
0:29 Miles party bus arrives and girls pour out of it.
Hands High
0:29 Thomas tries to get people out of the house.
0:33 Costa and Thomas wrestle in the pool.
Ray Ban Vision
0:33 In the pool, Costa tells the girls they can't get in unless they're naked.
0:34 JB is talking with a girl inside and skulls cans of beer with her.
0:35 Costa is blowdrying his hair in Thomas's mums room.
City Boy (K.K.S. Remix)
0:35 Thomas is dancing with Alexa, she goes inside and does body shots with him.
0:36 Thomas and Alexa make out as they do Tequila body shots.
0:38 The old guy plays beer pong with the teens.
Marina do Bairro
0:39 Thomas heads upstairs with Kirby at the party. They kiss.
Pursuit of Happiness
0:44 They continue partying after cops leave.
Bump N' Grind
0:49 Thomas takes ecstasy.
Outta Your Mind
0:50 They start the song again after singing happy birthday to Thomas.
Turn Around
0:52 Thomas comes out the front of the party and asks if they got attacked by a midget.
Final Step
Free Falling
Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
0:54 Thomas, JB and Costa walk back through the party in slow motion. Flashlight camera again as people make out.
Despicable Dogs
0:56 Thomas goes upstairs with Alexa. They make out on his bed.
Cheap and Cheerful
0:57 Thomas runs downstairs after Kirby catches him with Alexa.
Pretty Girls
0:59 Thomas stands on the roof of his house and jumps onto the bouncing castle.
1:03 The police force arrive at the party, but are forced to leave and wait for back up.
1:08 After the drug dealer sets everything on fire. The helicopter tries to put the house fire out as everyone swarms the streets.
She Just Likes to Fight
1:13 They lie on the grandstand at the field after the night of the party.
The Next Episode (feat. Snoop Dogg)
1:15 The next day at school. Thomas drives his burnt mini-van to school.
1:17 All the kids cheer Thomas the next day at school. He runs after Kirby.
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
1:19 Appears on Jimmy Kimmels show. Continues to play into the end of the movie.
Fight Music
1:21 First song during end credits.
We Just Made It
1:24 Second song during end credits.
Paging Stereophonic
In a Hood Near You
Rhino Jockey

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