• Peter Pan Soundtrack

  • Film Release Feb 5th 1953
  • Composer Oliver Wallace
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Complete List of Songs

Main Title (The Second Star to the Right) / All This Has Happened Before
Opening credits. The narrator tells the viewing audience the action about to take place "has happened before and will all happen again".
0:16 Peter teaches the Darling children how to fly and together, they fly off to Never Land.
0:20 A group of pirates on Captain Hook's ship sing along to the song.
0:32 John leads the Lost Boys and Michael to the Indians.
What Made Red Man Red / Tinknapped
0:49 The Indians honor Peter for rescuing Tiger Lily at a tribe. Smee kidnaps Tinkerbell.
Your Mother and Mine
0:58 Wendy sings a lullaby to Michael.
The Elegant Captain Hook
1:02 The Darlings and the Lost Boys are held captive by the pirates. Captain Hook offers them a choice.
You Can Fly (reprise)
1:14 Wendy tells her parents about Never Land. The film ends when they see a cloud form a ship Mr. Darling noticed from his childhood.

Official Soundtrack

Peter Pan Official Soundtrack
1 Main Title (The Second Star to the Right) / All This Has Happened Before 0
The Jud Conlon Chorus
2 The Last Night In the Nursery 0
Oliver Wallace
3 On the Rooftop / What's a Kiss / Perturbed Pixie 0
Oliver Wallace
4 You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! 0
Bobby Driscoll, The Jud Conlon Chorus, Kathryn Beaumont, Paul Collins & Tommy Luske
5 A Pirate's Life 0
The Jud Conlon Chorus
6 Blast That Peter Pan / A Pirate's Life (Reprise) 0
Oliver Wallace
7 The Legend of the Croc / Double the Powder and Shorten the Fuse / Follow Tinker 0
Oliver Wallace
8 Just When I Brought You a Mother / Banished 0
Oliver Wallace
9 Following the Leader 0
Bobby Driscoll & Paul Collins
10 Hide and Sneak / No Let 'Em Go 0
Oliver Wallace
11 Mermaid Lagoon / Bad Day At Skull Rock 0
Oliver Wallace
12 Plotting a Pixie's Plight 0
Oliver Wallace
13 What Made Red Man Red / Tinknapped 0
Candy Candido & The Jud Conlon Chorus
14 Rumor Has It / Hangman's Tree 0
Oliver Wallace
15 Big Chief Flying Eagle / I Had a Mother Once 0
Oliver Wallace
16 Your Mother and Mine 0
Kathryn Beaumont
17 Good-Bye Peter / Shanghaied 0
Oliver Wallace
18 Captain Hook Never Breaks a Promise / The Elegant Captain Hook / A Little 0
Bill Thompson, Hans Conried & The Jud Conlon Chorus
19 No Splash / Take That / I'm a Codfish! / Crocbait / The Hero of Never Land 0
Oliver Wallace
20 Home Again / Mermaids, Pirates, and Indians / Finale (You Can Fly! You Can Fly! 0
The Jud Conlon Chorus
21 Never Smile At a Crocodile 0
Frank Churchill & Jack Lawrence
22 The Boatswain's Song 0
Oliver Wallace

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