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  • Film Release Jun 29th 2012
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Complete List of Songs

First song as Margot bakes a cake.
Close Your Eyes
0:12 Margo and Daniel get off the plane and walk out of the terminal. Continues to play on the monorail.
Mahi Ve
0:13 Indian music heard in the cab on the way back from the airport.
Secret Heart
0:22 Margot (Michelle Williams) and Lou (Seth Rogen) make breakfast before wrestling in the kitchen.
Wide Open Plain
0:35 Lou is cooking chicken on the stove, Margot comes down. They talk about getting a dog.
0:39 The ladies are at the swimming exercise class.
Rave On Sad Songs
0:59 Margot sits in the kitchen after getting back from the pool. She listens to this as she looks out at Lou through the window.
1:06 Background music outside the cinemas, after Daniel drops Lou and Margot off in his rickshaw.
Video Killed the Radio Star
1:13 Daniel and Margot go on the spinning ride.
Closing Time
1:21 Song at the party to celebrate Geraldine being sober. (Cover of Leonard Cohen)
Don't You (Pt. 1 and 2)
1:29 Lou reacts to Margot leaving him.
Take This Waltz
1:35 Montage as Margot and Daniel live together.
Video Killed the Radio Star
1:49 Final song of the movie, Margot rides the ride on her own. Plays into end credits.

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