• Ted Soundtrack

  • Film Release Jun 29th 2012
  • Composer Leigh Harline
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Complete List of Songs

Everybody Needs a Best Friend
0:07 Plays in the opening credits of the film during a montage of John and Ted throughout the years.
Flash's Theme
0:15 John and Ted watch \"Flash Gordon\". The song plays again when John sees Sam Jones and he starts dreaming about riding the scooter with him.
0:19 John and Ted sing the song during a thunderstorm.
Kiss Kiss (feat. T-Pain)
0:22 John recalls in a flashback where he accidentally knocked out Lori while showing off his dance moves on the dance floor.
Stayin' Alive
0:23 Another flashback shows John and Lori dancing when she asks him what his dance moves are like.
The Imperial March
0:26 Lori plays her ringtone to John while he\'s searching for his phone.
0:36 Ted flirts with the new girl by performing sex at the cashier stand.
Knight Rider Main Theme
0:37 John\'s ringtone.
Soldier (ft. Ruwanga Samath)
0:50 Ted tries to get John to come to the his apartment because Sam Jones is at the party.
Football Fight
0:51 John drives to Ted\'s apartment in a Flash Gordon sequence.
0:53 John meets Sam, who invites him and Ted for shots.
Get Free
0:54 Sam finishes making John and Ted snort cocaine in the bathroom.
Only Wanna Be With You
0:54 Ted sings along to the song on the karaoke screen.
Sexy Little Thing
0:56 John and Ted get Sam to punch a wall.
Battle Theme
0:57 Sam gets into a physical altercation with the Asian chef. Ted tries to fight the chef\'s duck.
0:58 John realizes that he was suppose to be back at Rex\'s house until Lori arrives, knowing that he was lured by Ted to come to the party.
Come Away With Me
1:07 Rex and Lori attend a Norah Jones concert.
All Time High (Theme from \\\"Octopussy\\\")
1:09 John dedicates the song to Lori before singing it on stage.
Raiders March
1:20 Opening bars are heard where Ted slides down the stairs as he tries to escape from Donny.
I Think We're Alone Now
1:20 Ted sees Donny smoking a bong and dancing to the music video.
The Hero
1:38 Ted and Sam do \\\"The Flash Jump\\\". The narrator closes the film with what happened to the character\\\'s life after the story.
Song for the Young Folk

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John Bennett was very lonely growing up. He had no friends and his only companion was a teddy bear called Ted. One Christmas, he made a wish that Ted loves him forever. His wish came true when Ted miraculously rose to life and brought some cheer into his life. When John later grows up and gets a girlfriend, he realizes that he must make the hardest decision of his life: to start a new life with his girlfriend or remain friends with Ted who’s now turned into a very perverted and immature teddy bear.

The soundtrack features beautiful inspirational music by Walter Murphy and Norah Jones, including “Everybody Needs a Best Friend” and “Magical Wish”.

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