Air Traffic - List of Songs

Has 10 songs in the following movies and television shows

Quantico - Poster
A guy hits on Alex at a bar and she responds by listing five things about him to prove he's not her type; Alex pick pockets the guys key fob while kissing him; the recruits start the second half of their training; Alex and Shelby agree to focus on their training.
Quantico - Poster
Miranda tells the NATs their being trained for what's real; Raina lies to her sister about what she learned from Charlie; Shelby sees Iris chatting with Caleb; Drew gives Alex a set of dog tags that Ryan left behind, then she gets a message from Liam about getting a drink.
The Hills - Poster
Heidi & Spencer discuss Heidi getting her job back.
Greek - Poster
Casey asks Jonah to kiss her.
Kyle XY - Poster
Lori, Kyle & Josh compare prom stresses.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Flashback of the Championship game.
Kyle XY - Poster
Emily tells Jessi to run; Declan & Lori share a tender moment; Kyle is put in the chair; Nicole sneaks into Madacorp.