Jake Bugg - List of Songs

Has 19 songs in the following movies and television shows

Lucifer - Poster
Lucifer and Eve end up in a bar fight.
Supergirl - Poster
At a bar, Officer Petrocelli drinks when Manchester comes over and begins talking to him; [00:57] Manchester by weapons; (Russia) Red Daughter is let out of K-Protection; Jensen accepts Agent Liberty giving him the worm.
Our Girl - Poster
Second end song.
Preacher - Poster
Jesse and Cassidy drive off together with Tulip's body in the backseat; Cassidy tells Jesse that he hates him; Jesse drives into Angelville.
Dumb and Dumber To - Poster
End credits, they compare the original and new film. Sort of makes you miss the good old times.
The Fault In Our Stars - Poster
Hazel Grace waits for Augustus to text her.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Amelie's baby is delivered by Caesarean section; Ethan's mom is rushed to surgery; surgery montage; Owen runs up the stairs only to discover Ethan's mom died.
Parenthood - Poster
Amber visits Ryan at his apartment.