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13 Nov 2014

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Dumb and Dumber To - Official Soundtrack
Dumb and Dumber To (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
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11 Nov 2014

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  • Mui_Sailf
    2 replies
    Hi everyone ! What is the little music when Harry and Lloyd walk on the street at 1:39 and he is eating his "fake kidney" just before they remember the fart moment.Thanks so much I can't sleep !
  • Emran_Khan
    0 replies
    Hi Everyone ...... What is the little piece of music just before Llyod and Harry spot 2 hotties and pushes them in the bushes. The music starts off immediately after fraida tell Harry and Llyod how to make real sex.
  • Emran_Khan
    2 replies
    Hi Everyone...... Also I need the name of the song/music that starts after Harry and Lloyd farts in the car (playing king of the car game) and lock travis in the back seat by rolling up the partition glass window. I believe it is a Harmonica in the music.
  • Sam_TheLiom
    3 replies
    So I have a quick question. Early in the film there is a transitional song which is played twice; once after Petey finds Butthole in his apartment..."the horror" and so forth...AND also right before they rediscover Mutt Cuts. It has a Pete Yorn feel. It starts with harmonica and only plays for maybe 15 seconds. You gotta help me out! I love that song. Thanks!
  • Kevinluvskyamalee Langford
    0 replies
    Hey everyone, but anyways during commercials and the promo for dumb and dumber to comes on there's a song that goes "You don't have to be dumb" it just says that three times but sounds like a good song anyone have any ideas?