Ivy - List of Songs

Has 24 songs in the following movies and television shows

Orange is the New Black - Poster
When Alex meets Polly at the party.
The Lying Game - Poster
Thayer joins Char in her pool and asks her about Derek.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Played when Logan watches the Lilly/Aaron tapes.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Playing over Duncan's fantasy about Meg and him reading the letter.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Burke & Derek perform the stand-still surger on Joe.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nathan tells Haley about Taylor.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Played while Veronica drives Duncan to the Hospital.
Six Feet Under - Poster
David joins Terry & Evan for a drink after chorus rehearsal.
Orange County - Poster
Shaun and Ashley sleep together in the back of the truck
Alias - Poster
Will drops by Syd's to say hello.
Roswell - Poster
Kyle, Max, Michael, Liz & Maria look for Kivar in Kyle's wedding video.
Roswell - Poster
Jim Valenti tells Maria he can play at the wedding; Isabel asks Jim to give her away.
Shallow Hal - Poster
they were saying goodbye to friends and family.
Roswell - Poster
Liz catches Max & Tess kissing; Liz goes to the bowling alley to see Sean.
Me, Myself & Irene - Poster
Charlie returns back to the room with the cokes.