Burzum - List of Songs

Has 5 songs in the following movies and television shows

Color Out of Space - Poster
Lavine is crying while Theresa is knocking on her door.
Meadowland - Poster
One of Sarah’s students, Alma, is listening to this song in the middle of class. Sarah takes her phone and places one of the earbuds on ear and briefly listens to the song. (0:21) Sarah is listening to this song again on Alma’s phone at the classroom. Sarah asks Alma for the name of the band. (1:01) Sarah is listening to this song in the middle of class when the dean enters her classroom and tells her to step out.
Meadowland - Poster
Phil sits alone at the bar while Sarah is parked outside of Shannon’s house.
Heaven Knows What - Poster
Harley listens to this song at the library.
Gummo - Poster
Tummler and Solomon shoot their BB guns at Jarrod's house. (0:48) Tummler talks about a local drug dealer that sells drugs to kids. (1:01) Teenager records himself as he contemplates suicide (1:02) Solomon talks about life.