Future Islands - List of Songs

Has 12 songs in the following movies and television shows

Titane - Poster
Alexia watches from a distance as Vincent and the firefighters dance at the station. She then dances with Vincent. Rayane pulls Vincent aside and tries to warm him about his “son”.
Quantico - Poster
Ryan and Nimah discuss his recruitment by the AIC and who else may have been chosen; Harry comments on Sebastian sleeping in Leigh's room; Léon asks Shelby if she's spending Thanksgiving with her family; Harry and Alex talk about the AIC and trust.
Quantico - Poster
Ryan proposes to Alex; Lydia tells Owen why his cover was burned; Alex tells Miranda she's staying at the Farm.
Fear the Walking Dead - Poster
Ofelia siphons gas for her truck; Madison and the others get the generator working; Victor makes a drink; Alicia gets surf lessons.
Cult - Poster
Jeff & Skye talk about Jillian's death and helping Nate.