Fred Astaire - List of Songs

Has 12 songs in the following movies and television shows

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels - Poster
Peter plays a board game with his wife and sons, until they're interrupted by a phone call from Elsa.
Joker - Poster
The 1937 film Shall we Dance is playing on TV as Arthur dances while holding the gun.
20th Century Women - Poster
Music at Dorothea’s birthday party. She talks to a firefighter about the history of the house. William has a conversation with Abbie on the couch.
Supernatural - Poster
Cas & Sam enter the 'door to Heaven'.
Step Up 3 - Poster
Moose pays the Ice Cream truck man to turn this song up. He dances with Camille down the street.
Gilmore Girls - Poster
Beginning of the drive-in movie 'Funny Face.'
The Green Mile - Poster
The scene in the beginning where Paul (as an old man) is watching the movie "Top hat" featuring Fred Astaire singing the song "cheek to cheek", and then later when we see John Coffey watching the exact same scene.