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28 Dec 2016





20th Century Women, released on 28 Dec 2016, consists of a playlist of 67 credited songs, from various artists including Talking Heads, The Clash and Fred Astaire. The original score is composed by Roger Neill.

List of Songs

Don't Worry About the GovernmentTalking Heads
(White Man) In Hammersmith PalaisThe Clash
This Heart of MineFred Astaire
In a Sentimental MoodBenny Goodman and His Orchestra & Benny Goodman
Fairytale in the SupermarketThe Raincoats
As Time Goes ByRudy Vallée
I've Had ItBlack Flag
Media BlitzGerms
Love in a VoidSiouxsie & The Banshees
DrugsTalking Heads
Cheree (1998 Remastered Version)Suicide
Chant D'AmourLars Clutterham
Vag PunchPhlask
Basin Street BluesLouis Armstrong and His All Stars
Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)Neu!
Gut FeelingDevo
So Blue LoveBrick Fleagle's Orchestra
DJDavid Bowie
Nervous BreakdownBlack Flag
The Big CountryTalking Heads
After Hours on Dream StreetSandy Williams
Why Can't I Touch It? (2001 Remastered Version)Buzzcocks

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musiclover12345 years ago
Weird question, but does anyone know what song plays towards the beginning of the movie when Julie (Elli Fanning) and Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) are on his bed and he runs his hand up her skirt? It sounds like it's coming from his boom box. Thanks!

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