The Hollies - List of Songs

Has 33 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Umbrella Academy - Poster
While in the bath, Klaus puts on headphones and lights up; Cha Cha and Hazel search through the Hargreaves mansion; Allison finds Luther outside, staring up at the moon.
Escape at Dannemora - Poster
Matts painting his cells bar as this song plays through his headphones.
Downsizing - Poster
Paul and Audrey find out their friends, Dave and Carol, has “downsized”.
Kong Skull Island - Poster
Randa and Brooks tells Conrad about Skull Island and why they want to hire him.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows - Poster
Plays in the Correctional Officers' truck as they transfer Shredder to prison.
The Little Death - Poster
Song plays from the sex offenders car after h offers a lift to Monica. Plays into end credits.
Wild - Poster
Cheryl opens her packages at the 100 mile rest stop. She reads her letter from Paul.
Trouble with the Curve - Poster
Second song playing in the bar when Mickey starts a game of pool with a man she meets.
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World - Poster
Plays at Hank\'s house at the end of the movie after he apologizes to Dodge. Dodge puts Jenny in the airplane as she sleeps.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Flashback to Nora telling Brody that William Walker asked her to marry him.
Fringe - Poster
Walter shows Peter an ad for an apartment he likes; Olivia holds a gun on Sam.
The Boat That Rocked - Poster
They play this song while discussing the F word, not knowing they left their mics on.
The Lovely Bones - Poster
plays as Grandma Lynn(susan sarandon), moves into the Salmons' home to take care of Buckley and Lindsey and is seen having fun with them doing the household chores.
Journeyman - Poster
Abby Armstrong arrives at her parents' swingers party; Nov 17, 1973.
The Virgin Suicides - Poster
Second song playing at the Lisbon girls party after Joe sings his song. Cecilia leaves the party.
The Limey - Poster
Swimming pool scene, Peter Fonda’s first appearance in film
A Night at the Roxbury - Poster
Steve knocks on Doug's room but he doesn't answer. Steve calls him and Doug pretends to be an answering machine.