Yvonne DeVaney - List of Songs

Has 16 songs in the following movies and television shows

NOS4A2 - Poster
Charlie tries to fix his wounds in a truck stop bathroom, then attacks a truck driver.
Donnybrook - Poster
Jarhead holds the gun shop owner at gunpoint and tells him to empty the cash register.
Supernatural - Poster
Kip walks into a bar and orders drinks, then joins Cas at a table; Cas asks Kip about Dean's whereabouts.
Nashville - Poster
Colt approaches Layla at the wedding and tells him about Jeff saving Juliette on the roof.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Sylvia, Haley & Brooke visit the bar with the mechanical bull; continues as Sylvia complains about the music & how it brainwashes you, then she gets a call that her phone is at the firestation.