Black Mustang - List of Songs

Has 9 songs in the following movies and television shows

Castle - Poster
Castle & Beckett go to the 'College Girls Gone Wild' office to interview Beau Randolph.
Supernatural - Poster
Sam, Dean, and Crowley talk outside of The Rib Shack.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Emily & Maya arrive at Noel's cabin party and they run into Ben.
Greek - Poster
The KT Turtle race; Cappie asks Rusty if Casey has mentioned graduation.
Greek - Poster
Post-game party at the Kappa Tau house; Jordan & Rusty discuss the float prank; Ashleigh hangs out with Fisher; Casey leaves; Cappie & Rusty talk about a nickname for Heath.
Greek - Poster
Casey gives Cappie an ultimatum about Max; Rusty sees Jordan kissing Andy.
Greek - Poster
Rusty & Cappie disagree over Andy.