Jesus & The Brides of Dracula - TV & Movie Placements

The following is the complete list of all 2 movies and tv shows that Jesus & The Brides of Dracula have been heard or featured in.

  • Turning Teeth
    Sarah is blasting this song on her radio as the bird lady tells her to lower the volume down. Sarah ignores her and dances with her dog. [0:12] Sarah tells Sam inside her house that she noticed him staring at her. [0:25] A car pulls up and picks up the woman. [0:29] Sam follows the woman to a party where finds the band members performing this song live. [1:07] Sam listens to this song on his record player to find a hidden message. [1:13] Sam plays this song on the guitar. [1:18] Briefly plays as a jogger passes by Sam and the Homeless King. [1:21] MIDI "muzak" instrumental playing in the supermarket as Sam crawls out of the bunker. [2:11] Plays inside the cafe.