Under the Silver Lake (2018) Soundtrack

21 Jun 2018

Young and disenchanted Sam meets a mysterious and beautiful woman who's swimming in his building's pool one night. When she suddenly vanishes the next morning, Sam embarks on a surreal quest across Los Angeles to decode the secret behind her disappearance, leading him into the murkiest depths of mystery, scandal and conspiracy.





List of Songs

Never My LoveThe Association
St. Louis BluesJerry Gray
WastelandsBen Daglish
Turning TeethJesus & The Brides of Dracula
DisappearMike Turner
How Do I KnowLos Waves
Theatre Overture (Trim Jeans Theatre)Anthony Mawer
Sur Le BoulevardFranco Ferrara
Fireside SerenadeTrevor Duncan
Sweet JourneyWayne Allen Boyer
Sometimes It's HardLe Concorde
90 Minutes (Discofunken Remix)Cat Claws
Let It GoTrew
Happy FacesBabe Youth
Pure ImaginationCast
ImpatienceSaturn Missiles
To Sir With LoveMeek Bride and Her Band
Taking OverMike Turner, Mark Ullrich
Brimful of Asha (Florence Ballard Mix)Cornershop
What's the Frequency, Kenneth?R.E.M.
Your WomanDj '97
Out of MyselfArco
You Do YouBear In Heaven
BabyDonnie & Joe Emerson
Don't StopPaul Grogan
Yèkèrmo SèwMulatu Astatke
Blue Sparks from Her, and the Scent of LightningChicago Underground Duo
Don't Ask Me WhyAlzo
Gymnopedies (First Movement)Rich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Crazy TrainRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
I Want It That WayRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Where Everybody Knows Your NameRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
I Want To Know What Love IsRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
In a Gadda Da VidaRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Earth AngelRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Smells Like Teen SpiritRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Push ItRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
I Love Rock n RollRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Where is My Mind?Rich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Ode To JoyRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Axel FRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
La BambaRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Pinball WizardRich Vreeland, Ben Crippin Taylor
Tensions AgitatoDon Banks
Feel Tha Steel (With Sen Dog)Mellow Man Ace
Life's a HolidaySaturn Missiles
Golden ShowersMike Turner, Mark Ullrich
Begging For MoreThe Astronots
Wasteland (Radical Project Remix) [feat. Chrysa T] Tim Besamusca
The Never EndingRick Speke
Mexico CityJohn Neal Rock & Roll
Glass HeartCompany Man
Canta el MariachiMariachi Osuna
Screwed Up RunningMike Turner
Un SecretoTodo Cien
SundownGeorge Posford
Did You?Morrie Morrison Orchestra
The British GrenadiersJ.A. Kapay
Shaku SourceMartin Gibson
Any Time at AllAl Lerner & Dick Haymes
Strange CurrenciesR.E.M.

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guest2 years ago
What was that beautiful piano concerto at the closing credits?

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