Altitude Music - List of Songs

Has 17 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Weekend Away - Poster
The Weekend Away | Official Trailer (2022)
9-1-1 Lone Star - Poster
New parents Ben and Maggie have their first night out in months on a date but Maggie worries about baby, Finn, being without her.
Stranger Things - Poster
Mrs. Wheeler heads into a back room at the pool, looking for Billy.
Finding Carter - Poster
Carter awakens on Lori's couch, then Elizabeth arrives states that Carter is coming home with her.
Finding Carter - Poster
Bird congratulates Carter on the new party location she found; Seth tells Bird about the promoter that is coming to check out the party.
Finding Carter - Poster
Seth changes to a different song.
Nashville - Poster
Jeff sends Layla off to their room alone, then goes off to check on Juliette.