Run The Jewels - List of Songs

Has 49 songs in the following movies and television shows

New Amsterdam - Poster
Montage as Max and Matias attempt to get rid of the racist past of New Amsterdam; Max oversees a stenciling of a “Black Lives Matter” design down the main hallway of New Amsterdam.
Invincible - Poster
Montage of the one of the Mauler Twins setting up a new base of operations then begins the creation of clone of his lost brother.
Superman & Lois - Poster
Jordan "pushes" back with his "skills" during football team try-outs to show those that pushed him that he can also push back.
Runaways - Poster
The Runaways rescue Alex before his father gets him on a plane.
Black Lightning - Poster
Gambi heads to Toledo's gym, takes out his goons and kills Toledo then leaves a message from Lady Eve for Tobias.
The Defenders - Poster
Danny takes on The Hand masquerading as Midland Circle executives, then is joined by Luke, Jessica and Matt.
Baby Driver - Poster
Song that Bats plays on the group's way to the diner.
Baywatch - Poster
Mitch and Brody sneak inside Leeds' club kitchen.
Baywatch - Poster
Brody scuba dives underwater and finds the smuggled drugs. (1:38) Mitch rescues Brody.
Baywatch - Poster
Mitch, Brody and Summer sneak into the morgue. (1:16) Mitch and Brody watch Leeds' men load the drugs inside the Yacht.
Iron Fist - Poster
Colleen returns to the fight club and asks to take on two fighters for twice the winnings; Colleen fights The Duke and Jimmy.
Fist Fight - Poster
Andy tries to enr Strickland's office through the window.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
A drugged up Riggs sees Owsly being pushed into a car and jumps on the roof; Murtaugh passes the car that Riggs is riding on.
Sweet/Vicious - Poster
Landon finally parks, then Ophelia attacks him and his friend; Jules arrives on her bicycle as Landon drives off.
The Big Short - Poster
Second song as the group arrives at Vegas.
Sneaky Pete - Poster
Music outside the awards event. Pete pretends to be a valet.