Black Eyed Peas - List of Songs

Has 49 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Other Guys - Poster
Allen and Terry go out for serious drinking. We see a series of still shots describing what happens.
Community - Poster
 End credits as Abed, Troy and Jeff krump.
Melrose Place - Poster
Ella gives Violet some fashion advice, and tells Lauren not to give up on school.
The Hills - Poster
Audrina & Jayde become jealous over Brody.
The Hills - Poster
Steph & Heidi find Spencer with Stacie.
The Hills - Poster
Heidi & Steph prepare for the party.
The Hills - Poster
Audrina & Justin have dinner; Lauren & Lo talk about the Audrina situation.
The Hills - Poster
Doug & Lauren continue their Red Pearl date.
Blades of Glory - Poster
Chazz sings this on the treadmill
Ugly Betty - Poster
Oshi & entourage arrive at Mode; repeats as they leave & on the way to dinner.
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle - Poster
This song plays as Harold enters his room to find Kumar trimming his pubic hair.
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights - Poster
Javier and Katey become King and Queen of "La Rosa Negra"
Along Came Polly - Poster
Playing at the party Sandy takes Reuben to. Polly (Jennifer Aniston) is a waiter. Reuben knocks over some art work.
The O.C. - Poster
Ryan and Seth arrive at the party.
The O.C. - Poster
Seth and Ryan arrive at the party.