The Trak Kartel - List of Songs

Has 20 songs in the following movies and television shows

Stargirl - Poster
Courtney, Yolanda and Beth tell Rick about his father's abilities.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
Deion tells Jaye he wants to work for Mr. Fade, because his football career is going nowhere.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
Jaye explains to Deion that he was just messing with him by making him pick up the package and why he has a Ghostface costume.
Scream: The TV Series - Poster
Dieon takes up the DJ's mic to call a meeting of the Breakfast Club.
Dear White People - Poster
Troy discovers Coco is pregnant.
Timeless - Poster
Wyatt, Jessica and Lucy arrive at the party, then split up to look for JFK; Wyatt find JFK and apologizes for lying to him.
Timeless - Poster
JFK asks his traveling companions how they know each other.
The Magicians - Poster
Bacchus grants Julia and Quentin entry to the party, then the three of them do shots; Julia asks Bacchus about the loss of magic, then Quentin confesses to killing Ember.
Stitchers - Poster
Flashback to Coco being blackmailed by a paparazzo backstage at her concert.