Sugar Ray - List of Songs

Has 21 songs in the following movies and television shows

A Million Little Things - Poster
At their High School reunion, Katherine finds herself left out of good memories talk and reminiscing as Greta and Randy discuss youthful indiscretions and activities.
Scooby-Doo - Poster
Sugar Ray performs this by the pool. The lead singer sings to Daphne.
Clockstoppers - Poster
Zak kicks Meeker out of the car.
Roswell - Poster
Max & Liz prepare to hold up the 24 Hour Sam's Quick Shop.
Scary Movie 2 - Poster
'One year later' title. Beginning of movie. Cindy (Anna Farris) is talking to Shorty.
Roswell - Poster
Isabel substitutes for Liz at the Crashdown.
American Pie - Poster
Stifler is teasing oz about his failed attempt at getting a girl
Wild Things - Poster
Sergeant Duquette (Bacon) catches Suzie smoking weed.