BANNERS - List of Songs

Has 26 songs in the following movies and television shows

Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Meredith tells Richard that she wants her to have her POA, Richard reminds Meredith that she is needed; Richard takes the new interns into and empty OR and tells them it’ll all be okay; Meredith goes back to the dream world again and again starts walking towards Derek, then running, then she falls on her face. Derek tells her he will be here when she is ready
A Million Little Things - Poster
Elena break the pinata as everyone cheers her on.
After - Poster
Library Scene (and Montage)
The Good Doctor - Poster
Shaun losses control in the lockrooms after his confrontation with Han dropping his bag all over, Claire cleans up Shaun's mess then sits with him; Shaun looks up at the hospital.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Miranda tells Catherine they should celebrate today; Amelia expresses doubts to Owen about his committment to her, then tells him she wants out of their relationship; Alex tries to contact his mom's doctor, as Jo attempts to reassure him.
Legacies - Poster
Hope and Landon have a goodbye kiss; Lizzie expresses regret to Rafael over his losing the vote on Landon, then she kisses him; Landon looks at a photo of his mom as he takes a bus out of town.
Love, Simon - Poster
Simon's family watches the anniversary video.
Lucifer - Poster
Charlotte goes through the portal that Lucifer opened; Chloe shoots Hector; Maze gets Linda to a hospital; the real Charlotte awakens on the beach.
The Space Between Us - Poster
In car eating burger, hot balloons in air
Sweet/Vicious - Poster
Ophelia confesses to Evan that she's a 'dark' person and that she and Jules make a 'twisted dark hole'.
Frequency - Poster
Raimy hears a noise downstairs and finds her mom in the kitchen; Deacon Joe is placed in a jail cell in 1996; Meghan phones her brother, Robbie; Robbie looks at the photos he has of Julie in his closet.
Frequency - Poster
Raimy goes for a jog while remembering moments from her childhood.
Teen Wolf - Poster
Liam watches as Hayden's body is taken away; Melissa starts CPR on Scott.