SYML - List of Songs

Has 44 songs in the following movies and television shows

This is Us - Poster
Montage of Rebecca through the years taking are of the triplets in their time of need.
Legacies - Poster
Kaleb and MG make a 'Yes/No' promise to one another; Lizzie tells Josie she accepts that she needs to go to Mystic Falls High then offer her a new outfit for her first day; Hope broods on the school dock of the lake.
Station 19 - Poster
Sullivan comforts Andy after she awakens from a crazy dream about her father.
Manifest - Poster
Zeke proposes to Michaela.
Legacies - Poster
Rafael welcomes back Landon, then the Necromancer takes control and makes him stab Landon with a golden arrow.
All American - Poster
Layla's dad takes her to a psychiatrist appointment and informs her that her mom suffered from depression; Asher brings Olivia ice cream, then asks if there's something between them, leading to a kiss.
Good Trouble - Poster
After they make love, Jeff tells Davia that he can't wait until they be together full time; Malika is told that her advocate group will be going a protest soon.
The Blacklist - Poster
Agents raid raid The Third Estate's base and arrest the kids; Des sees his father while being led away in handcuffs.
Shadowhunters - Poster
Alec tells Magnus that their relationship cannot be fixed, then walks out after Magnus pleads with him to stay.
The Village - Poster
Enzo brings Gabe food while he studies, Sarah and Katie talk about meeting with Jaggers parents.
Shadowhunters - Poster
Alec holds the hand of an unconscious Magnus and declares his love.
Legacies - Poster
Alaric tells Josie and Lizzie he has something to tell them; Hope returns to the Landon-illusion and apologizes for lying, then confesses she loves him.
All American - Poster
Spencer talks to his mom about Dillon deserving the chance to have his father in his life; Asher tucks his father in; Olivia and Jordan arrive home to find their father wanting to speak with them; Layla goes to an all-night restaurant so she can avoid going home.
How to Get Away With Murder - Poster
Laurel tells Gabriel about Christopher's father when he asks then she asks him about his; Bonnie looks at file while in bed.
New Amsterdam - Poster
Laura tells Floyd it feels better not being in control; Helen talks to Max about his chem schedule then suggests he start prioritizing himself; Georgia awakens to see a completed crib in the bedroom and Max still asleep on the couch.
Queen Sugar - Poster
Nova reads out her essay at the forum.
Adrift - Poster
Song heard in the Adrift official trailer.
Lethal Weapon - Poster
Trish and Roger sit down with Riana to tell her they're proud of her decision making, but that she's still grounded; Roger reveals that he invited Jesse over to keep Riana company; Riggs takes Ben home after the game; flashback of a teenage Riggs going to Molly's house.
Station 19 - Poster
The team make a plan to help Victoria with her fear of fire, then start teasing each other; Ryan stops by to see how Andy's test went; Andy discovers her father is not home; Pruitt goes to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and asks to see Bailey.
Killjoys - Poster
Dutch, D'av and Johnny grab a drink; Pree refuses to let Johnny pay for drinks as they discuss Delle Seyah and Old Town; Johnny meets with Delle Seyah and shoots her in the chest.
Killjoys - Poster
Dutch asks Khylen why she was on Arkyn as a girl, just before he consciousness switches back to his own body; Weymer Simms sets off the bomb to blow the gas main; D'av returns to his body.
The Originals - Poster
Kol kills the witch that failed to resurrect Davina; Freya tries to justify using Davina to Vincent; Hayley joins Elijah by the fire; Klaus sits by Hope's crib as Freya walks in.
Teen Wolf - Poster
Stiles talks to a catatonic Lydia about her school work, then begs her to wake up.