Vince Staples - List of Songs

Has 35 songs in the following movies and television shows

Veronica Mars - Poster
Matty uses Big Dick's car gift as a trojan horse to get into his house; Big Dick does a u-turn when he gets an alert that someone is in his house.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Poster
Second end credits song.
Creed II - Poster
Training for the first confrontation against Ivan Drago’s son
Atlanta - Poster
Van's friend is paranoid after smoking.
Black Panther - Poster
Busan Car Chase
The Chi - Poster
Ronnie spots Kevin in the street and chases him down.
Runaways - Poster
A group of armed gang members stop by the Pride school construction site and inform the foreman he's taking over.
Baywatch - Poster
Mitch and Brody compete with each other at the tryouts.
Iron Fist - Poster
Colleen takes out her frustrations on a wooden dummy and ends up snapping off one of the arms; Colleen contemplates the broken dummy before turning off the music.
The OA - Poster
Steve has sex with Jaye.
The Good Neighbor - Poster
When the boys put the spy cams in Graineys house after Grainey leaves