Belinda Carlisle - List of Songs

Has 17 songs in the following movies and television shows

Legends Of Tomorrow - Poster
Central City, 2004 - A coroner van transporting Freddy Meyers' body suddenly starts driving on it's own; [0:55] Allie joins Mick; couples dance; Behrad talks the group into using the photo booth.
The Handmaid's Tale - Poster
Opening title; repeats as June sings along in her head while watching Ofmatthew.
Swamp Thing - Poster
As she heads up to check on Susie, who is listening to music, Abby recalls Shawna singing along to the same song on the bridge; [0:43] The Swamp Thing shows Abby The Green's memory of Shawna's death.
Dark - Poster
20 June 2019 - Katharina tries to pull Charlotte on to the dancefloor; Ulriich opens the champagne; Hannah watches Ulrich and Katharina dance.
Scream Queens - Poster
Flashback to 1986, Halloween night - the hospital staff has Halloween party and end up slaughtered.
Scream Queens - Poster
In the cafeteria, the Chanels beat up Psi Theta Gamma member Tommy for objectifying them.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Couples prepare for Valentine's Day as Carrie walks to Sebastian's loft.
Private Practice - Poster
Addison explains her actions to Kevin.
13 Going on 30 - Poster
Lucy plays this song after turning Matt's song off at Jenna's party.