Liz Phair - List of Songs

Has 29 songs in the following movies and television shows

Roswell, New Mexico - Poster
Liz keeps an eye on Kyle and Steph while making them burgers; Kyle tells Steph about his past relationship with Liz; Liz and Kyle discuss the secrets they're keeping from others.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca goes through the pros and cons of her various job offers and ends up offending Paige and Rick.
Hindsight - Poster
Becca meets Lolly at a bar and tells her what happened in the future.
90210 - Poster
The girls shop for prom dresses.
Life - Poster
The 'I'm With Stupid' corpse.
13 Going on 30 - Poster
Playing as Matt does the photo shoot for Jenna. 'Class of 2004'.
The O.C. - Poster
Summer and Marissa check out some clothes.
Thirteen - Poster
Tracy is spinning on the ride at the park at the end of the park screaming. Plays into end credits.
High Fidelity - Poster
#3 top 5 break up list: Charlie Nichols
Charmed - Poster
Opening, girls spring cleaning