The Virgins - List of Songs

Has 23 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Dilemma - Poster
Ronny climbs the tree to get a better photo of Geneva and Zip. This song is playing in their room.
90210 - Poster
Annie brushes off Jasper.
The City - Poster
Olivia shows Erin the looks she bought for her Today Show assignment.
Castle - Poster
Beckett & Castle play poker.
The Hills - Poster
Heidi & Spencer have dinner with Ashley & Colby.
17 Again - Poster
2nd song that plays at the party. Maggie is talking to Stan but Mike/Mark tells him to leave.
Kyle XY - Poster
Lori phones Mark about Amanda; Lori sees Hillary & Declan kissing.
Kyle XY - Poster
Andy & Josh arrive at the after party.
Greek - Poster
Casey & Ashleigh meet with Evan at Doblers.
90210 - Poster
Kelly & Ryan discuss kids.
The Hills - Poster
Spencer visits Stephanie at home.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Blair steps out of the church and is followed by Chuck.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Song playing at Blair's birthday party when Serena and Vanessa are talking.