Hank Williams - List of Songs

Has 32 songs in the following movies and television shows

Doom Patrol - Poster
Larry ends up back in the memory, with corrections to the truck color and song on the radio; continues as Larry rants about the missing context to his memory.
The Vampire Diaries - Poster
Tripp turns on his trucks radio as Ivy struggles to break her chains.
Seven Psychopaths - Poster
First song as movie opens.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
Scout Master Ward calls the Island Police office to talk to Captain Sharp. Playing on the radio.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
Sam is canoeing down the stream as he treks towards Suzy.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
They begin the search for Suzy in the fields. They find a tin of cat food.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
Sam has dinner with Captain Sharp in his caravan.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
Playing in Captain Sharps car as Laura tells him its over.
Moonrise Kingdom - Poster
Plays in the police car as Captain Sharp drops Walt off.
Rango - Poster
The town comes out at noon and dances for water.
Country Strong - Poster
At The Stage, right after Beau sings, Chiles asks him how she looks bf going out to sing... "Like a country-Barbie" he answers.
Zombieland - Poster
Tallahassee is teaching Little Rock how to shoot in Bill Murrays house.
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Poster
Song in the Camaro with Alice. Plays very briefly while Sam is banging the radio.
Cars - Poster
this song heard on gas station while mcqueen comes crazy
Scrubs - Poster
Murray's dad sings for the staff (sung later by Franklyn and again at end).
Six Feet Under - Poster
Ruth & George dance back at the funeral home.
Apollo 13 - Poster
Third song during the broadcast. Plays as they tour the Lunar Module.