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2 Feb 2010

16 liked songs • 284.3k views • composed by David Sardy

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Zombieland (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)31 songs
2 Oct 2009


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    guest ago
    How did you select such a beautiful collection of music?
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    guest ago
    looking for a song / music, it lasts about 5 seconds, right after the last zombie jumps and Tallahassee says Homer AND the peice of music right after in the car just before burnin love
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    Wicked_will0 points ago
    What song plays when Tallahassee's in the booth? Near the end of the movie, when Tallahassee holds off the zombies while Columbus runs to save Wichita, what song is that? It's not listed in the song listing, and I'd really like to know what it was.
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