Warren Zevon - List of Songs

Has 26 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 - Poster
Buck surprises Red with a special homegoing in fire truck, he saluted by his fellow firemen as make their way to the truck.
Better Things - Poster
Sam waking up to rain. Gets Phil and heads to airport to bring girls home from their dads.
Supernatural - Poster
The guys pasue to watch Garth and Bess dancing, then discuss what to do next.
Riverdale - Poster
Archie and Munroe show off their costumes to Veronica.
Dark Phoenix - Poster
Jean as a child flips through radio stations in car telepathically
Preacher - Poster
Tulip and Jesse are attacked by TC and Jody; Tulip and TC improvise weapons from bathroom items.
MacGyver - Poster
The wedding ceremony concludes; Jack tells Mac the week has sucked.
Supernatural - Poster
The guys head to bed; Dean has trouble sleeping.
The 100 - Poster
John Murphy find the entrance to a fancy hideout and makes himself at home.
Supernatural - Poster
A woman enters a biker bar in Durham, WA, takes a guy outside and slashes his chest.
Looper - Poster
Song in the diner when the future Joe meets up with the present Joe.
House M.D. - Poster
The team moves on without House; Foreman finds House's ID badge.
Freaks and Geeks - Poster
Bill and Neil join spin the bottle. Bill gets seven minutes in heaven with Vicki.
Funny People - Poster
Second song in the end credits.
Funny People - Poster
Ira plays George the third song he chose for his cheer me up playlist. George tells Ira to 'write me some fucking jokes', and leaves.