Britney Spears - List of Songs

Has 93 songs in the following movies and television shows

Supergirl - Poster
Kara creates a distraction by driving up in J'onn car/ship, with the radio blasting.
Supergirl - Poster
Kara uses lively music and spacecar to distract the White Martians as J'onn and the others ambush the White Martians.
Jane the Virgin - Poster
Milos tells Petra who the main act at their wedding is (Britney Spears flashes on the screen). 
Jane the Virgin - Poster
Jane fantasies that Britney Spears asks her to dance with her.
Boyhood - Poster
Samantha sings this to Mason after there parents are fighting.
Spring Breakers - Poster
Alien plays this on the piano and the girls sing with him.
Bridesmaids - Poster
The girls go to Las Vegas for the bachelorette party. Plays again when they arrived in Wyoming thanks to Annie\'s outburst.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Devon & Julie go to a gay bar.
The Hills - Poster
Brody informs Jayde that he's going to Kristin's party.
Brothers And Sisters - Poster
Cal offers to help Sarah unpack; Kevin & Scotty have drinks with Chad.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren & Lo talk about Heidi at the salon.
The Hills - Poster
Whitney arrives in New York City.
The Hills - Poster
Lauren & Steph meet up at FIDM.
The Hills - Poster
Whitney's staff meeting at People's Revolution.
The Hills - Poster
Justin Bobby leaves Audrina's side & decides to get cozy with another girl.
Chuck - Poster
Chasing the bad guy.
Knocked Up - Poster
Song as Ben and Pete drive to Vegas
Robots - Poster
fenders fight sence in the chop shop, he loses weapon so he decieds to dance with bad robots
Crossroads - Poster
Lucy,Mimi & Kit doing karaoke to earn money and fix the Ben's Car
Orange County - Poster
Short clip after Shaun's teacher asks a girl about Britney Spears.