Ladytron - List of Songs

Has 13 songs in the following movies and television shows

Loki - Poster
C-20 remembers that friend is her friend when the Variant attempts get information from her about the TVA and the color of the elevator.
The Big Short - Poster
At a restaurant, Randall tells Jared's friend that he sold $200 million in credit swaps from mortgage bonds to Burry.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Charlie thanks Lily for the party; Dan guides a blind-folded Blair into a room.
Gossip Girl - Poster
Nate warns Ivy about Max's threat to sell her story; Dan leads Chuck in to see Blair; Nate leaves to talk with security; Ivy sends a text message.
Sorority Row - Poster
5th song at the party. Mickey shouts at Ellie in the window telling her not to tell Claire.
Fringe - Poster
Peter spots Valerie at the club; Olivia checks in with Charlie.
The Hills - Poster
Corey & Audrina go out to Kitchen 24.
Life - Poster
Gang raid; questioning Max's family.
The O.C. - Poster
Ryan asks if he should worry about her & Johnny, and Marissa tells Ryan that she can talk to Johnny about Trey.