Gemma Hayes - List of Songs

Has 12 songs in the following movies and television shows

Killjoys - Poster
Montage of everyone having dinner on Lucy; The Lady thanks Khlyen for helping her feel better.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Emily and Paige grab a drink and reminisce about their time at Stanford, then Paige talks about the loss of her Olympic dreams.
Reign - Poster
Lola asks Narcisse if sex with him could be simple, then he has her escorted to her room.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Aria & Ezra discuss what he'll do without his position at the college, then they have sex.
Pretty Little Liars - Poster
Spencer watches as Toby walks in to an alley and cries.
One Tree Hill - Poster
Nate tells Haley the oncologist's prognosis; Mouth asks Lauren on a date; Miranda promises Grubbs she won't let him change; Clay finds an athlete that is a deadringer for his late wife, Sarah; Brooke discovers Alex sleeping in Julian's bed; Quinn & Jamie surprise Mrs. James with an early Christmas.
Private Practice - Poster
Pete stands at a grave side with Sam & Naomi; Pete & Naomi find Violet bleeding, unconscious & sans baby.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
George & Olivia talk about Alex.
Alias - Poster
Will and Syd *talk* for the first time.