George Michael - List of Songs

Has 66 songs in the following movies and television shows

House of Gucci - Poster
Patrizia and Maurizio’s wedding.
Watchmen - Poster
Hoboken, NJ 1985 - While in the funouse, the teen girl strips off Wade's clothing, then steals them; Wade yells at himself for sinning; Wade stumbles outside to find almost everyone dead.
Good Girls - Poster
(Flashback) 0ct. 11, 1990 - Ruby writes in her journal when Beth crashes a car in her neighoborhood, after making sure that Beth and Annie are okay, she offers to give them to the grocery store.
Ready Player One - Poster
Parzival goes to check out one of Halliday's journals.
Pitch Perfect 3 - Poster
Beca's final performance when she opens up fro DJ Khaled
Atomic Blonde - Poster
Lorraine plays this song on the radio as she beats up the officers at Gascoigne's apartment.
Keanu - Poster
Clarence talks about his life as a thug to the gang members, then they start sharing their battle wounds.
Keanu - Poster
Clarence is singing along to George Michael inside his car . Later in a drug trip, he imagines himself inside a George Michael video.
Keanu - Poster
Inside the car, Clarence describes the true meaning behind the song "Father Figure" to the three gang members.
Keanu - Poster
Back inside the car, Clarence introduces the three gang members to George Michael.
Deadpool - Poster
Deadpool plays this song on his phone as he and Vanessa kiss. Plays into the end credits.
The Night Before - Poster
Mr Green quotes a George Michael song.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Poster
Vernon receives a call from April telling him to meet her.
The Carrie Diaries - Poster
Larissa informs Samantha that Harlan is stuck in traffic and they decide to go ahead without him.
House M.D. - Poster
House plays and sings this and wakes up Wilson.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli scans the newspaper & dances.
90210 - Poster
Kelly tells her mom about Silver.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli wakes up with an unknown blonde.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli has a vision of Nate being advised that their father needs a heart transplant.
Eli Stone - Poster
Performed at the Sex Ed benefit.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli & Dr. Chen discuss the earthquake visions.
Eli Stone - Poster
Performed at the charity dinner Eli & Taylor attend.
Eli Stone - Poster
A drunk Nathan stops by Eli's apartment.
Eli Stone - Poster
Eli starts hearing music while dictating notes; repeats multiple times during Eli's hallucinations.
Hot Rod - Poster
Kevin is singing this song in front of his toys in his bedroom
Scrubs - Poster
J.D. prepares to go into the hospital.
The Rules of Attraction - Poster
Richard 'Dick' and Paul are dancing together on the bed.