The Bee Gees - List of Songs

Has 15 songs in the following movies and television shows

Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Owen, Amelie & Richard sing to give Ruby a rhythm so she can perform CPR on her mom.
Rookie Blue - Poster
The Rookies play against each other in a paintball / 'capture the flag' type exercise.
Despicable Me - Poster
End of movie when the girls are dancing for Gru, Dr. Nefario and his workers.
Madagascar - Poster
Marty roams about New York looking for Great Central Station
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Poster
Jay agrees to steal a monkey for Justice.
The Virgin Suicides - Poster
Second song in the end credits.
A Night at the Roxbury - Poster
Steve and Doug are walking down the street in black see-through suits listening to this song.
Saturday Night Fever - Poster
Tony strutting street with can of paint
Saturday Night Fever - Poster
Tony gets ready to go to disco
Saturday Night Fever - Poster
Tony and Stephanie dance in disco as part of contest