The J. Geils Band - List of Songs

Has 14 songs in the following movies and television shows

Grown Ups 2 - Poster
First song the J. Geils band play. Lenny tells his daughter a story.
Grown Ups 2 - Poster
Second song band plays.
Grown Ups 2 - Poster
Band plays another song while Lennys daughter asks for Mr. Gigglesworth.
Grown Ups 2 - Poster
Fourth song they play at the party. Dante jumps in the pool from the roof.
Drift - Poster
Montage as they travel around showing their film.
The Watch - Poster
They all get photos with the alien.
Freaks and Geeks - Poster
Sam is practising his moves and dancing with his new jumpsuit in the mirror.
The Wedding Singer - Poster
Robbie sings this at a wedding after his fiance broke up with him... the groom at this wedding eventually punches him and he stops singing.