Foreigner - List of Songs

Has 74 songs in the following movies and television shows

The Thing About Pam - Poster
(Flashback) Pam's prom; Pam losses her virginity to Randy Gunderson.
Eternals - Poster
[1st Extended credit sequence] Eros introduces himself and Pip to Thena, Makkari and Druig then offers his help to find the other Eternals; End credits.
Future Man - Poster
A Russian cover of the song plays as Wolf has sex with Dasha.
American Horror Story - Poster
Montana tells Trevor the rules of be resurrected and her plan to kill everyone; Margaret sees Trevor and Montana kissing.
A Million Little Things - Poster
Trailer for S2E3 ABC's "Cast From The Past" Week featuring Jerry Ferrara
Good Boys - Poster
Thor sings this song to Hannah and Lily. Continues as Thor performs this song at the play.
Stranger Things - Poster
Billy compliments Mrs. Wheeler's swimming form, then offers her swimming lessons.
Stranger Things - Poster
El dumps Mike, then heads back to town with Max; Hopper arrests a protester.
Cobra Kai - Poster
Johnny is driving around drunk, thinking back to the past.
Pacific Rim Uprising - Poster
Newt Geiszler comes back to his apartment and drifts with "Alice".
The Hitman's Bodyguard - Poster
Bryce tells Kincaid a story of how he first met Amelia.
Bones - Poster
Booth turns up the car stereo and sings along.
Scream Queens - Poster
Brock comments on Chanel's preoccupation while in bed with him, then he starts imagining that Chanel is Dean Munsch; Zayday pretends to have a bath in the hospital basement as a trap for the Green Meanie.
Bad Moms - Poster
Amy goes to to comfort Gwendolyn as she tries in her car after losing the vote.
Stranger Things - Poster
First song as Nancy loses her virginity with Steve.
Everybody Wants Some!! - Poster
The guys get dressed for another night at the disco.
Orange is the New Black - Poster
New bunks are installed in the dorms and new inmates arrive. End credits.
The Flash - Poster
Barry asks Leonard Snart for help transporting the metahumans.
Bones - Poster
Wendell and Andie kiss during their picnic lunch.
Supernatural - Poster
Dean hears Colonel tell him to change radio stations; Dean asks Colonel what happened to the cats.
Sound City - Poster
Summary of various artists who recorded in Sound City (number 7)
Bones - Poster
Booth plays the mixtape he made for Brennan.
Revenge - Poster
Amanda is working the bar at Stowaway.
Bones - Poster
Booth & Brennan perform at the camp.
Hot Tub Time Machine - Poster
Lou changes the song in the room. He tells him to look at his penis.
Valentine's Day - Poster
Alex gets dropped off at graces house and prepares for her arrival.
Jennifer's Body - Poster
Song when Jennifer and Needy arrive at the Melody Lane bar/pub.
Adventureland - Poster
Band is playing this when Em and James go for a drink at the pub.
In the Land of Women - Poster
Paige is singing to this song in the car with Lucy (Kristen Stewart)
Blades of Glory - Poster
Song as Chazz is talking to the woodland fairies in his dressing room. Sammy opens the door and Chazz chases her after she storms out
Supernatural - Poster
The drive back to the Roadhouse.
Bones - Poster
Booth & Brennan's rocking out is interrupted by David's phone call.
Supernatural - Poster
Sam wakes from his nightmare.