Better Than Ezra - List of Songs

Has 12 songs in the following movies and television shows

Hindsight - Poster
Lolly stops Becca from telling a story from her alternate life.
The Change-Up - Poster
Mitch and Dave go out for their night out. They are driving in the car.
Friday Night Lights - Poster
Billy confronts Tim with a letter of interest from Oklahoma.
Roswell - Poster
Max talks about his roadtrip and reaffirms his love for Liz.
Roswell - Poster
At the end when Max returns from his trip and goes to the Crashdown
Smallville - Poster
Whitney is driving his truck, right before Greg attacks him.
Charmed - Poster
After credits, sisters in the kitchen, Piper making coffee, Prue reading newspaper, Phoebe making cereal.