Eulogies - List of Songs

Has 7 songs in the following movies and television shows

Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Callie's baby shower; Arizona & Mark discuss baby showers; Callie encourages Arizona to join in the games; Lexie tells Mark she's involved with someone else; Lucy & Alex talk at the food table; the Residents discuss Stark & April's relationship.
The City - Poster
Olivia shows Erin & Joe photos of the accessories for the Fall A-Zee assignment.
Greek - Poster
Beaver wins the chicken wing eating contest against Heath.
Kyle XY - Poster
Kyle & Nate work on their project.
Kyle XY - Poster
Lori tells Jessi the next step is 'neutralize'.
Kyle XY - Poster
Lori & Mark run into Jackie & Declan leaving the party.