Johnny Cash - List of Songs

Has 86 songs in the following movies and television shows

9-1-1 - Poster
At Jamestown State Prison, prison guard, Freddie Vaughn, logs into work and starts his shift where he's given an update on the state of the prisoners that day and his shift duties which includes walking inmate, Mitchell.
Stargirl - Poster
Montage of Pat testing out his robot's various features in a corn field.
Bloodshot - Poster
Song from the official Bloodshot trailer #1.
Castle Rock - Poster
Pop speeds down the abandoned streets of Castle Rock to the hospital; Ace questions Marth Lacy about the man her husband had locked up in Block F of the prison.
Cloak & Dagger - Poster
Tandy cries over Tyrone's body, then hands over her dagger so no one else will get hurt; a complacent Tandy is wheeled out of the ambulance.
Midnight, Texas - Poster
Flashback montage of the carnage after Lem and Zach attack Lem's former owner and his friends.
MacGyver - Poster
Mac goes undercover as a convict at Biship Correctional, with Jack in place as a guard to watch over him.
Westworld - Poster
Music plays during the end credits.
The Blacklist - Poster
Mr. Kaplan puts everyone through a security check for Red's meeting.
Gotham - Poster
Jack and his henchman go to Irwin's Electronics to make a visit to Irwin.
The Blacklist - Poster
Montage of Red questioning people, then killing them.
Nikita - Poster
Kate asks Ray how he could have come back.
Sound City - Poster
Song plays while they\'re talking about Johnny Cash.
Django Unchained - Poster
Django is taken to the LeQuint Dicky Mining Company.
Killing Them Softly - Poster
Introduction of Jackie (Brad Pitt). This song plays in his car.
Grey's Anatomy - Poster
Kyle starts singing as his parents argue.
The Green Hornet - Poster
After Britt's dad has died. Plays at the funeral.
True Blood - Poster
Lafayette leaves Eddie's house as Jason and Amy watch on.
American Gangster - Poster
Richie has sex with his lawyer before he gets a phone call about his partner.
Veronica Mars - Poster
Veronica retrieves her necklace; montage.
Walk the Line - Poster
When he goes to perform at Folsom Prison
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 - Poster
Playing in Budd’s record player as The Bride is standing outside his trailer.
Smallville - Poster
Lionel looks in on Lex; Clark looks in on Lana.