Riz Ortolani - List of Songs

Has 8 songs in the following movies and television shows

Euphoria - Poster
Cassie stares at "Oklahoma" being staged while watching the audience through the entrance doors.
Channel Zero - Poster
The Pestilent God opens his robe; the remaining Peach family members explode.
Channel Zero - Poster
Joseph Peach probes Alice's brain while she relives her 'deepest trauma', which involved her mother stabbing Zoe in the stomach; Joseph informs Alice she'll get schizophrenia eventually.
Channel Zero - Poster
Nathan tells Alice about the strangness of the city and an urban legend about a pair of teens who found a staircase in the middle of Medallion Park.
Drive - Poster
Driver (Gosling) finds Shannon dead in the garage. He drives to Nino's diner and follows his car before knocking it off the road.
Kill Bill, Vol. 2 - Poster
Elle flies towards The Bride in Budd's trailer
Kill Bill, Vol. 1 - Poster
Briefly heard when when The Bride plucks an eye from one of the Crazy 88.