Nine Inch Nails - List of Songs

Has 40 songs in the following movies and television shows

Instinct - Poster
Someone sets up a new art installation, then adds a dead body.
Animal Kingdom - Poster
Final song after Smurf gets out of jail. Plays into the end credits.
Rick and Morty - Poster
Rick turns himself in to the federation so his family can return to Earth safely.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Ivan and Annie 'play rough'; Annie drugs Ivan, hacks his computer, then sets the scene; Auggie drinks while waiting for Annie.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Annie & Henry are driven somewhere; Auggie walks the streets of Hong Kong; Calder observes Lee on the plane; Joan visits Arthur in the hospital; Auggie goes to the American Consulate; continues as Henry's car arrives at the Lexington Global East office.
Covert Affairs - Poster
Annie gets lured into a trap by Rhys and barely escapes.
The Hangover Part III - Poster
Alan says goodbye to Chow at the end of the movie and they drive off.
Sound City - Poster
Trent Reznor talks about using samplers.
The Cabin in the Woods - Poster
Song during end credits.
Fringe - Poster
Peter & Olivia use a thermal-imaging radiometer to search for Valerie at The Cavern.
Wanted - Poster
Wesley leaves his house for work. He nearly gets run over. AND plays when he leaves works and walks home.
Moonlight - Poster
Flashback of Coraline being branded.
Criminal Minds - Poster
Agent Gideon walks out of the convenience store with the clerk trailing behind him.
Resident Evil - Poster
The Umbrella team storm the house and interogate Alice and Adam.
Lost Highway - Poster
Mr. Eddy pursues the tailgater on the road.
Se7en - Poster
Plays in the opening sequence of the film.
The Crow - Poster
The crow guides Eric to his first victim.